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January 12, 2011
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Ook: Lleufer Maxwell by NecroNaglfar Ook: Lleufer Maxwell by NecroNaglfar
Name : Lleufer Maxwell
Age : 18
Gender : Male
Nationality : England
Height : 173 cm
Weight : 65 kg

Occupation : Student
Like : Arts, Weapons, Money, Sleeping, Blue and Red colors
Dislike : New things, People who are smarter and stronger than him
Personality : Jealous, arrogant, bad temperamental, loving woman
Personal Quote : "victory is mine!!"

Rank: Pawn (aiming for knight (king if necessary))
School : West Blu
Agility : :star::star::star::star: | :star::star::star: Stamina
Strength : :star::star::star::star::star: | :star::star: Intelligence
Vitality : :star::star::star: | :star::star::star::star: Accuracy

Weapon Of Choice : Twin Swords ( Lunar Sword (right hand) and Solar Sword (left hand))

Special Attack : Eclipse
A light element skill. he focus all of his power to call the power of moon or sun. When he cast a skill with the power of moonlight, he can summon a blinding light to attack his enemies from his Lunar Sword. When he cast a skill with the power of sunlight, he can summon a barrier of light that can heal his wound from his Solar Sword.

RL story:
Lleufer is an art student from England. He studying both graphic arts and martial arts. When he stress with his assigment, he found out about the Orda of Knight. Leaving his duty, he began the Orda of Knight life. Later he join the West Blu, match with his most favorite color (the other is red, but he thinks blu is blue and rosso is not red.. -_-")

In Game story:
Lleufer is a mercenary look a like knight. He doesn't like heavy armor, so he just put a light armor on his shoulder and leg. he believe he is the strongest fighter in the Ook. He has one ambition, his ambition is to clear the game as the strongest male character in Ook. altough he is an arrogant who believe he was a strong character, he accept other's help and he wants to be an important figure where people rely on his strength. His weakness is a girl, of course GIRLS!! (he really can't hurt females, so he is really on disadvantage when facing a female oc...)

sorry for my really bad English (i always had a bad score on english test) :)
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:iconerulisse2: *A* many details!

welcome to the orda~! :star:
thank you... :D
I hope all my assignment done, so i can immediately start on my duties in Ook..
Isabella: Welcome to West Blu, Lleufer Maxwell. :)
Lleufer: nice to meet u.. just as i expected, there are many beautiful girls in west blu.. :)
Isabella: ... :)... Nice to meet you too and I'm pleased you like West Blu. :iconevilgrinplz:
silentclearlite Jan 13, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh mai!! Lleufer masuk Orda juga!
welcome brother! :D
itu foto yang ada di pojok kiri bawah ngambil dari yang kemarin yah...? :iconohseriousplz:
yup... biar eksis. :la: fotonya juga yg dari CR tuh....

relation?? :D
silentclearlite Jan 16, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
iya, langsung sadar kok :rofl:
relasi? why not? >> [link]
SiJamur Jan 12, 2011  Hobbyist
oohh!! oc baru XD
cakeb daahhh hahaha
Luca juga cakep... haha
how about a relation between Lleufer and Luca??? :D
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